Whereas Brooklyn99 depicts the life of a police officer in a lighthearted manner in the ongoing Chicago P.D. it tells the storey of serious crimes that occur throughout the city. Not only that, but it's built on two groups: conventional cops and the Intelligence Unit both organisations are focused on catching criminals, halting drug trafficking, and preventing murders while portraying their serious lives in the background because the show has been on since 2014 and it is feasible to have fans from all over the world. With being stated, if you believe yourself to be one of the die-hard fans here are a few fascinating facts to read as soon as possible. Also, don't miss out on the relaxing Chicago P.D. Jackets & Coats line, which is currently on sale at a great price!

Apart from simply naming the show after the city the creators of Chicago P.D. not only filmed the entire show in Chicago but also allowed the characters to interact with and train with real Chicago cops for at least three months. Furthermore, only two of the total cast hails from the city of Chicago.

Have you ever thought about the comparison between episode titles and movie titles? Now is the time to do it because if you didn't know the opening episode title of Chicago P.D. is usually an actor's dialogue from the episode. Along with the Chicago series the show's producer Dick Wolf has launched another franchise called Law & Order. Now here's a fun fact because both brands are owned by the same guy and the characters in both shows have changed places several times while the storyline has remained consistent. This knowledge can also be used to explain the confusing references between Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Jason Beghe (Hank Voight) is one of the key performers on Chicago P.D. has a voice that is ideal for a leader. That wasn't always the case though.

Beghe was involved in a fatal car accident in 1991 which affected his voice. Despite recovering from all of his injuries his original voice never returned as a result he used his new voice which we all love, don't we?

Don't we adore on-screen couples that turn out to be real-life partners? Jesse Lee Soffer (Jay Halstead) the show's fan favourite has a two-year history of dating his co-star Sophia Bush (Erin Lindsay). Not only that, but Soffer has dated characters from other Chicago shows such as Torry DeVitto from Chicago Med.

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